Active medical patches- designed and manufactured for OEM clients by Parlex

Tomorrow’s generation of smart skin patches continues to get even smarter... along with the growing demand to pack more sophisticated onboard electronics onto a comfortable, wearable device.  Parlex engineers are ready to help you design, prototype, manufacture and package your next generation active skin patch product today! Our experienced medical engineering team will work with your design requirements to find the right flexible circuit patch solution to develop your project on time and on budget. Our printable electronics technology will provide a high-volume, low-cost manufacturing platform that will get your product to market ahead of the competition.

Parlex has successfully worked with many companies to manufacture and produce flexible circuits for noninvasive, disposable medical devices such as this pediatric oximetry sensor (figure A below).

Parlex manufactures active smart patches for medical clients worldwide

As technology changes, our clients are requiring many more functions to be performed by skin patch products such as wireless connection, integration of multiple sensors and interpretation of sensor results. These and similar requirements are driving the demand for more complex “smart patch” devices to be packaged in a smaller and thinner, wearable form factor (figure B).  Before you start your next active skin patch project, contact your local Parlex Applications Specialist- You are assured to get the most up-to-date expert advice on materials selection, circuit layout optimization and design for manufacturability for your next medical patch project.

Typical applications of active smart patch technologies:

  • Electrostimulation
  • Active drug delivery
  • Pain management
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Blood Glucose monitoring
  • Cosmetics
  • ECG
  • Wireless patient monitoring

The Parlex portfolio of technical capabilities for smart patch products includes:

  • Wide selection of qualified medical materials including thin polyesters and nonwoven fabrics
  • Wide array of printable electronics technologies including:
    • Qualified carbon, zinc and silver inks
    • Dielectrics and conformal coatings
    • Screen print, stencil and dispense techniques
    • Hydrogels
    • Graphics support
  • Multilayer circuit printing capability to reduce circuit footprint
  • Advanced power source integration including low profile batteries and wireless
  • Low power circuit design 
  • SMT mounting, including passive components, connectors, piezo elements, switches, displays, LEDs, and OLEDs
  • Wireless link and RFID antennas
  • Assembly, die-cutting & finished product packaging in our FDA-regulated facilities worldwide

For more information, contact your local Parlex Technical Applications Specialist today!
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